Monday, October 12, 2015

What were the best polls for the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals in Toronto?

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As we're a week from the next federal election, here's an election-themed post.  In what polls (what Americans refer to as precincts) did the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals have their best showing?

The Conservatives polled best in more affluent, suburban districts.  Their best poll was #100 in the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence.

In this poll, located around Caribou Rd. east of Bathurst St. and south of Lawrence Ave., the Conservatives received a whopping 87.5% of the vote.  This poll is populated almost entirely by Orthodox Jews, and the Conservatives received nearly all the votes in this community.

The NDP's area of strength was in the city core, though the "orange wave" had spread outward to the working class suburbs of York-Weston and Scarborough.  The party' best poll, by far, was poll #181 in the riding of Trinity-Spadina, where the NDP received 84.5% of the vote.

This poll constitutes the Toronto Islands, an area known for its left-wing and environmental outlook.   Under redistribution that went into effect in this election, the riding of Trinity-Spadina was abolished and this poll went to the riding of Spadina-Fort York.

The Liberals, meanwhile, who in a stunning upset were reduced to third place, had less concentrated support (resulting in just 5 MPs being elected in Toronto, a long-time stronghold!), with clusters in certain affluent "uptown" districts, in parts of Scarborough and in the city's northwest.  The best poll for the Liberals was poll #13, located in the northwestern riding of York West, where the Liberals received 72.1% of the vote:

Not bad given that the Liberals received just 19% nationally.  This is a predominantly Italian area, and they voted very differently from their counterparts in Vaughan where the Conservatives won in a landslide.

So to sum up the best poll for each party was:

Conservatives  Eglinton-Lawrence #100 (Caribou Rd.)  87.5%
NDP  Trinity-Spadina  #181 (Toronto Islands) 84.5%
Liberals  York West  #13 (Rowntree Mills) 72.1%

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