Monday, September 7, 2015


Welcome to South of Bloor Street, a blog focused on the urban development, social history and demographics of Toronto.  I live in what was until the 2015 redistribution the federal/provincial riding of Trinity-Spadina, which includes such areas as the University of Toronto, the Annex, Kensington Market and Chinatown, Little Italy and Queen West. 

There will be much focus on this area of Toronto, but by no means will it be exclusive to it, and from time to time I will look at other cities as well.

I wanted to title this blog Trinity-Spadina, but it was already taken.  I have opted for South of Bloor Street as Bloor St. was historically an important north-south divide in the city (socioeconomic and ethnocultural) and even today diehard urbanists are said to never venture north of Bloor (though one could argue that Dupont or St. Clair represent that boundary today).

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